Want to attract more business in the energy industry?


Win – and keep – ideal customers with strong technical marketing content.

Writing compelling business-to-business copy is not easy. Today’s energy industry technical buyers are well informed and hard to impress.

To win their business, you need a copywriter who can deliver target-focused marketing material that is technically accurate and easy to understand. Someone who can think like an engineer and communicate like a skilled marketer.

That’s where I come in.

Having been an engineer in the power and energy industry, I speak your language. That means that not only do I have insight into how your customer thinks, but your engineers and subject matter experts won’t waste time teaching me your business.

Instead, you can count on me to quickly understand the key features and benefits of your offering, and deliver on-time marketing material that can overcome buying objections and lead to action.

All in plain English.

By leveraging my industry experience and technical copywriting skills, you can communicate your message more persuasively to generate better leads, win more sales, strengthen relationships and increase profits.

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